She Was a Blonde

For the inspiration of this project, I went back to my roots and researched my family’s heritage. After prolonged conversations with my grandmother, we ended up finding a shaving kit which once belonged to my great grandfather. Once we opened it, we, surprisingly, found some of his white hair still in the shaving kit.

I was so fascinated by this that I researched the idea of preserving one’s hair as a form of memory. I found that in the Victorian Era, preserving one’s lock of hair was a mourning tradition. Inspired by this, I decided to incorporate synthetic hair into the design.

The embroidery of hair was done using a technique I developed: a long process which involves the use of different materials and tools such as hair products, combs, and special needles. Finally, I added metal beads and chains to my design in order to emulate my great grandfather's metal razor.




Hand & Lock Embroidery Prize


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