July 2019] – [Today]

Embroidery Design Intern / Mary Katrantzou

In charge of designing embroidery and assisting in the creation of the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.


[May 2019] – [July 2019]

Embroidery Designer/ Hand & Lock

Designed digital, hand, and goldwork embroidery for Hand & Lock, the official embroidery house of the British Royal Family and the UK Military.

[January 2018] – [May 2019]

Fashion Designer/ Twine Solutions

Designed a collection which was used to introduce the Twine Solutions start-up to the world. The collection was presented at the 2018 ITMA Textile and Garment Exhibition. 

 [July 2018] – [May 2019]

Production Manager/ Sabina Musayev

Was in charge of tech packs, technical drawings, fittings, trimmings, and quality testing.


[July 2017] – [October 2017]

Fashion Intern / Kobi Halperin (NYC)

Was in charge of creating embroidery swatches, tech-packs, and embroidery cads.

Awards and Achievements:

[July 2018]

Collection Featured in Shenkar Graduates Fashion Show

My graduation collection, which includes six garments I designed and created, was featured at the Shenkar graduates fashion show in Tel Aviv. 

[May 2018]

Dean’s List / Shenkar College

Was titled a dean’s list student during the fourth year of my degree.

[May 2018]

Garment Mass Produced / Ronen Chen  

A garment I designed was chosen to be mass produced by Israeli fashion designer Ronen Chen. The garment was sold in his stores and was a top seller.

[March 2018]

Tel Aviv Fashion Week / Garment Featured on Runway

A wedding dress I designed was chosen to be featured on the runway during Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

[March 2018]

Titled One of The Top 5 Innovators of TLVFW / Israel21C

My design, which was featured on the Tel Aviv Fashion Week runway, was later named one of the top five innovations of TLV fashion week for its innovative embroidery which included synthetic hair.

[November 2017]

First Place Winner / Hand & Lock Embroidery Prize

Won first place in the Student Fashion Category for the embroidery of a wedding dress I designed and created. The competition was held in London by Hand & Lock.



[October 2014] – [July 2018]

Shenkar College of Design / B.A Fashion Design

Took courses on sewing, pattern-making, draping, fashion illustration, tech-pack, bridal wear, children’s wear, and men’s wear.

[September 2009] – [June 2012]

Gallili High School Art Program / Art Major

Was an art major in high school. Throughout my studies, I took classes such as art history, sculpting, sketching, and painting.


  • Sewing

  • Hand Embroidery

  • Machine Embroidery

  • Tamber and Goldwork

  • Wilcom

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Sketching

  • Technical Drawing

  • Tech-packs

  • Draping

  • Pattern-making