My design is inspired by the Dead Sea. The water of one of the saltiest lakes in the world is slowly drying up. Enviormentalists claim the reason for the decrease in water levels is the hot and dry climate of the middle east. As the water evaporates, a hidden layer of salt covering the lakes surface is revealed. This is a natural process of transformation called crystallization. ​


In 2014, artist Sigalit Landau, submerged a 19th Century gown into the salt-rich waters of the Dead Sea. ​During the course three months, Landau documented the transformation of the black dress as more and more salt crystals adhere to the fabric.  When taken out of the water, the dress was completely covered by a massive layer of salt. This process of crystiliztion is what inspired my design.


The techniques used to create this garment include; industrial machine knitting, home machine knitting, crochet and embroidery.

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