My designs and textiles tell a story. I strive to be innovative by experimenting with new materials while taking inspiration from the rich history of fashion.


My name is Stav Ofman and I recently acquired my fashion B.A at Shenkar College of Design in Israel.


During my degree, I acquired both the skills needed to work in the industry as well as developed my unique DNA as a fashion designer.


Throughout the years, I have created a variety of garments. And with the creation of each garment, I went through a learning process which helped me not only realize my personal design aesthetic, but also taught me the dos and don’ts of fashion design.   

I adopted a clear design process which is built on a deep foundation. This foundation includes an initial inspiration such as a story, artist, time in history, etc. I later take this inspiration and, using extensive research, develop a sketchbook full of visual inspirations as well as my own sketches. After much trial and error, I create the final design. Therefore, each design is a result of both in-depth research and creative intuition.  


I have found that my specialty lies in creating rich new textiles and embroideries done through sisyphean work. In 2017, I came in first place at the Hand & Lock competition in London for the embroidery of a wedding dress I designed and created. Later, I continued developing this specialty via my graduation collection- the best example being my Apocalypse dress.


So what is my design DNA? My designs speak to a woman who is powerful, sexy, independent, and classy. Most importantly, this woman has her own style and is a real trendsetter.


My fashion is a reflection of the way I think and the way I see. I see fashion as a form of

\self-expression which has the power to influence others. My dream is to share my visions with the world and hopefully- influence the fashion of the future.


Stav Ofman

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